A Song Of Ice And Fire

Back to the North

It is a hard thing to travel slowly when tragedy, and fear loom so close. The Glovers had beem discovered to have taken the sister of Ghordrun Gasbjorn. We sent the Nights watchman along wtih Jonas with his rangers to chase them. We had to travel slower, we had more men and items to be concerned about.

It was regretable to leave the tounament early. I had intended to spend some time with the Martels, and I’m sure that Sigurd regrets not have the chance to compete. We picked up some new members as we left for the north. It would seem that the Citadel has finally gotten around to appointing a Maester to House Gasbjorn, I had served that capacity for such a time that I am saddened by the loss of those duties. We were joined by others seeking to journey North and seeking strength in numbers.

While on the road I had a brief chance to speak with the new Measter. He is very knowledgeable for one so young and has a penchant for numbers, he would do well in stewardship. He did not study the ways of life or medicine so it seems that I shall still have my place has the house healer and its Master of Ravens. I am very delighted by this, as I have grown close to the ravens in my care. I have observed a growing kinship to all animals in myself, even Sigurd’s Mishka is freindly to me wich no doubt confounds Sigurd himself.

We stayed at the Trident to get rest and to charter passage up by boat to expidite our journey. As I tended the horses to prepare them for a sea voyage I saw a familiar face in the distance heading toward the town. It was a weary and sullen faced Jonas, he was leading a cart and praised my familiar face. I was immediatly needed to attend the fallen Night watchmen who turned out to be Arthas Snow. Arthas Snow, the name give pause as he was the bastard accused of murdering the Lady gasbjorn and took the watch to attone for the accused crime. I had never thought he commited the crime, but the ways of the court have there way of removing those unwanted and bastards are always unwanted. His wound was deep and very unclean, a rare poison had been administered to the weapon the bit him. It took much of my skill to keep him from a “walk with The Stranger” as the septens would put it. He will be forever weaker for the ordeal unless he has the willpower to push himself to recover.

We need to find someway to intercept the Glovers before they can make it back to there lands, a full confrontation with them may elicit an unwanted response from the other houses.
There is much planning to do for our return to the North.



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