A Song Of Ice And Fire

More troops don't make you safer

It seems that Terran Glover has gotten a good lead on us. Regardless of my tracking skills, they have made off ahead of me and even with our skills of the hunt, we are still too slow. The folk around the parts we have traveled are very kind, but of very little help. You would think someone would have seen a group of twelve men escorting a young girl. Regardless, when we entered Riverrun, a man gave me a message from the other scouts I had ordered to travel by boat. He is headed to the Trident and he is mustering more troops. Men who can be bought, can be bought again. I am not worried about them. Still he is expanding his numbers. Perhaps he thinks he can stop men like me with more soldiers. Little does he know, soldiers won’t stop me. In fact, the more their are, the easier they are to deceive. He will die. It is only a matter of time.



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