A Song Of Ice And Fire

Silver and a little Gold go a long way, but doesn't seem to buy good soldiers.

Arthas and myself were catching up. Unfortunately, I can not travel the way I did when I was younger. These years take toll on a mans endurance. Sleep called to willingly and almost lost me my life. We came to rest at a small inn along the road to the Trident. We were only expecting a short stay and a move to the river to catch a boat for greater speed. I conversed with a few knights of the House Roote. They seem to be good men. They are now another House I may be able to rest during future endeavors.

I must have fallen asleep at the table as I awoke to find a disastrous scene. A man I had felt uneasy about in the tavern below was dead on the floor. Many arrows and a sword held him to the floor. Arthas was laying against the bed, barely holding to life. One wound caused him more trouble than it should have. A local healer came to help. He mended Arthas as best he could but suggested I get him to greater care as soon as possible. The rest of the scouts I kept with me had been murdered by the man that almost killed Arthas. I feel like my mens training has suffered in my absence. A severe regimen will be given to them when I return, lest I lose more.

I traveled to the Trident as quick as I could after Arthas had gotten as much rest as could do him well. Nearly as soon as I arrived, I stumbled across Hakim. It was good to see a familiar face, Dhornish or not. His healing hands are a blessing to this House. I made my way to meet with Lord Gasbjorn. He was not pleased with my inability to catch Lord Glover, but other men were still in motion and he seems to have more allies in his employ. Without intent of chase, we are closer to Glover than we have been this entire time.

Sigurd has proven to question my purpose in this family. He is still young and headstrong. The field of battle will come soon enough and perhaps he may prove himself. In fact, I expect it. This family needs a good man to take the mantle of Knight. It should go to a man that has the ego for it.



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