A Song Of Ice And Fire

Winter comes early this year.

It seems the day before the start of the tournament was not a good day for house Gasbjorn. Lord Ghordrun was awoken to some terrible news. One of the members of the black, under our care, had been murdered in his sleep. I had my suspect and went to question him while the Lannisters insisted on surrounding our camp until they could figure out if they wanted to stick their noses into our business. Fortunately, Lord Ghordrun was allowed to have control over the situation and after handled, joined us in the mornings hunt. I was able to find the two boar that eventually became our victims. Shortly before dusk, we returned victorious with two boar in hand and immediately began the roast. My lord seemed disturbed, so we rode back to our camp together. I would have preferred to party with house Glover, a privilege left for Sigurd instead. Ghordrun confided several things in me which had been bothering him none would be as disturbing as the discovery of his young sister taken from our tents. Our captain of the Guard, Jacobs, lay on the ground, victim of an obvious poison. Lord Gasbjorn dealt with the incompetent guards as I began tracking the footsteps away from our camp. Arthas and James joined me. The tracks led past the Glover camp and into the eastern woods. Just as we discovered that the culprits had horses waiting for them, we were set upon by brigands. The skills of Arthas were proven again as he downed three men with his arrows. I jumped into the woods to take advantage of the darkness and find our assailants. In short order, I found an archer. He proved better than me in the fight, so I backed off, and did what any reasonable man would do, I threatened him with empty words. I warned him that his life was in danger from a deadly archer in the woods. He didn’t believe me and began to move closer. Snow delivered a perfectly timed and placed arrow to fill my empty words. The brigand was more than willing to comply at this point. h1. As we dragged him back home, we discovered Sigurd in the woods, snoring and in deep sleep. He had been drugged the same as Jacobs. Our captive indicated that one Sir Terran Glover was responsible for the abduction of our young lady and likely the drugging of Sigurd. I expected better of House Glover, recently our guests. We were able to tell our lord what we had found and begin assessing our next moves. I hope Lord Glover is against this plot of Terrans, for Terran will be hunted, found, and executed by my hands for this travesty. His station will not protect him from me. Unfortunately, Sigurd had news as well, House Callus had not been eradicated as we thought. The allies of Vendel’s rebellion had returned. I spent many of my younger years hunting remnants of the bastards rebellion. It seems Winter has come for us a bit early this year. We best prepare for a long winter as our house has done many times before.



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