Arthas Snow

Brother of the Nightwatch

Agility: 5 Knowledge: 2
Animal Handling: 2 Marksmanship:7 (Bows +5B)(First Round +2)
Athletics: 3 (Strength +2B) Persuasion: 2
Awareness: 4 (Notice +1B)(Haunted -1D) Status:2
Cunning: 3 (Memory +2B) Stealth: 3
Endurance: 3 Survival: 3
Fighting: 3 (First Round +2) Thievery: 2
Healing: 1 Warfare: 2
Language 2 Will: 2
Destiny Points : 8 (7 invested)
Benefits Drawbacks
Brotherhood of the Nightwatch(Ranger) Bastard Born
Double Shot Haunted
Deadly Shot*
Night Eyes
Weapon Master(Bows)
Triple Shot
Intrigue Combat
Intrigue Defense: 9 Combat Defense: 12
Composure: 6 Health: 9

Double-Curved Bow: 7(+4B) [Damage: 9; Long Range, Powerful, Two-Handed, *Piercing: 1]
Small Sword: 3 [Damage: 4; Fast]

Padded Armour [Rating: 1, Armour Penalty: 0]

Black padded armour(sleeveless), Black pants(with several pockets), Black light leather boots,
Black archers gloves, Two short blades(sheathed upside down across the back), A small hip quiver,
Black wooden arrows(with raven feathers), Black double-curved bow, Backpack,
4 belt pouches, Flint and Steel, 2 torches, Waterskin, Garron Steed, A handful of silver Stags

Experience: 13

Physical Description


Arthas Snow

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