House Gasbjorn


Liege Lord: Erik Gasbjorn
Realm: The North


Defense 43 – invested: 30
Castle (Defending Units gain a + 5 bonus to Defense)
Influence 43 – invested: 30 expendable 13
Heir & 1st Born Daughter
Lands 32 – invested: 32
Mountains, Dense Woods, River, Hamlet, Road
Law 17 – House Fortune -5
Population 21 – House Fortune + 1
Power 43 – invested: 43
Trained Garrison (100 strong; Endurance 4 Fighting 3)
Trained Infantry (200 strong; Athletics 3 Endurance 3 Fighting 3)
Trained Scouts (100 strong; Endurance 3 Stealth 3 Survival 3)
Trained Archers (100 strong; Agility 3 Awareness 3 Marksmanship 3)
Trained Support (100 strong; Endurance 3 Healing 4)
Trained Crusaders (100 stong; Athletics 4)
Wealth 22 – invested: 15
Godswood (+ 2D6-6 to Fortune Roll)
Mine (+ 5 to Fortune Roll)



Vargas was an imposing figure as the folklore has it. So much so that it never came to question why he was called The Great Bear. He was savage and fearless in battle, only The Others were more fearsome and it was the Others that was the target of his wrath. In the Age of Heroes, Vargas The Great Bear help spearhead the driving of The Others back to the Far North while Bran The Builder worked in constructing The Wall.

Vargas chooses to live up to his moniker as The Great Bear and builds his Den. Castle Járnfjall, Castle in the Iron Mountain. Miracle more is working to honor the Old Gods he earned the blessing of the Children of the Forest to have a grove inside the castle, a Godswood with blessed wierwood at its heart.

Yet all heroes have their flaws and Vargas’ would echo through his line, infidelity. It would almost seem inherited as the name of the great bear, Gasbjorn. As ever loving of their wives, the lust of women would see them unfaithful. It is even more unfortunate that Vargas first son be a Bastard that would color the name Snow with distrust and disdain throughout the lands of House Gasbjorn.

Vendel Snow would come for his father years later with outlaws and brigands. He seized a hunting lodge in the wulfwood and claimed it his right. Vargas choose to not raise hand against the upstart, he is concerned more with the raising of his true-born son and heir Uther Gasbjorn.
It is not until Vendel’s glib tongue persuades the House Callus to join his side. Edmund Callus had at one time pledged loyalty to Vargas to be knights and b protectors of the Gasbjorn lands. They show there loyalty with betrayal and an allegiance to the Bastard Vendel.

Aided by the might of the Callus Knights, Vendel becomes a villainous force. He kills any hunters that near the lodge causing a shortage of food. Fear grips the lands as famine hastens Vargas to his death.

Uther Gasbjorn takes up his crown and looks to the mountain for help. The mountain gapes its maw in reply as a rich iron vein is discovered by the Gasbjorn scouts. The new mines keep the forge fires ever burning and new riches are earn in trade with House Glover. In this time Uther marries and Gives birth to true-born Erik. The fortunes grow as Erik weds and himself has The alliance brings with it a plan to rid the wulfwood of the scourge of Vendel.

The Battle of Bear’s Edge, with the Berserkers of Gasbjorn on the East and the Armsmen of Glover to the West and the new forged weapons of the Gasbjorn Forges, Vendel’s outlaws and the traitors of Callus stood little chance. Yet it seems tragedy often strikes at the worst moment and it is while the House is preoccupied by its small war with the Bastard, that young Erik Gasbjorn suffers the loss of his wife. His own blood a bastard son named Arthas is found with the slain. Arthas chose to take to the Night Watch to avoid persecution and not sully the house with another bastard’s betrayal. No one knows if he truly committed the act but many see his “taking the black” paramount to an admission of guilt.

Victory over their treacherous past House Gasbjorn enjoys a long period of prosperity. With the passing years Uther cedes his rule to his son Erik still mournig the loss of his wife. much of the Ruling come from the his sons, Heir _______ and his brother Ghordrum who awakens distant Valyrian blood in the line. The time has comes for thier sister’s Name Day and the future can only brighten after a long night.

Events Breakdown

Ancient Founding – Madness: Vargas the Great Bear from the Age of Heroes worked with the Children of the Forest to build his castle in a mountain and inside the castle a small Godswood with a Wierwood present to honor the Old Gods and The Children.

•Scandal – Lord Vargas Gasbjorn birthed a Bastard son Vendel Snow some time ago. That son came with brigands and laid claim to a hunters hall in the Wulfwood. (Inf -2 Land -4 Power -1)

•Treachery – House Callus, a banner house once pledged to Vargas Gasbjorn betrayed their leige and joined the Bastard, The garrison was bolstered due to its departure. (Inf -3 Law -5 Pow +2)

•Villain – The Bastards house now a force in its own right hunts the forest almost bare and attack hunters not from their own family. Many are fearful to enter the woods and a famine begins. Worried about an attack curfews are set and the gaurd doubled. (Inf +1 Law -6 Pop -4 Pow +5)

•Infrastucture – Focus turns inward under the new Liege Uther Gasbjorn. In the mountain a great mine is opened bringing wealth and influence to the castle and House Gasbjorn. (Wel +3 Inf +3)

•Treachery – The Lady of the house is murdered. She is found in the arms of her Bastard Step-son Arthas, who joins the black rather than face persecution. (Inf-4 Law -1 Pow +6)

•Victory – The Battle of Bear’s Edge, A great battle that decimated the honorless banner house and has Uther Gasbjorn reclaim the lands stolen by the bastard. (Def +3 Inf +4 Pow +2)

•Infrastructue – It is now a time of peace as the tyranny of the bastard is over and much wealth has been gained from its siege as Eric Gasbjorn takes his crown as the Liege. (Wel +1 Law +4)

House Gasbjorn

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