Jonas Reeve

By name, a scout. By reality, an assassin and spy.


Agility 3, +1 Dodge, +1 Quickness
Animal Handling 2
Athletics 3 -1D Flaw
Awareness 4, +1 Notice
Cunning 3
Deception 2
Endurance 2
Fighting 4, +1 Shortblades, +1 Fencing
Healing 2
Language 2
Knowledge 2
Marksmanship 4, +2 Bows
Persuasion 4
Status 3
Stealth 4, +1 Hide, +1 Blend In, +1 Sneak
Survival 3, +1 Hunt, +1 Track
Thievery 3
Warfare 3
Will 2

Destiny: 1 unused. 6 Invested

Furtive-When testing Stealth to Sneak, reroll 1’s. May add Agility rank to Stealth tests while sneaking

Face in the Crowd – May make a Stealth check to Blend In as a free action. May add Cunning rank to Stealth checks made to blend in.

Night Eyes – No Penalty for Fighting or Marksmanship in low light conditions.

Short Blade Fighter – Add +1 Piercing when attacking with a short blade.

Blood of the Rhoyne – Combat Defense is +2. When rolling Tactics, you may reroll 1’s equal to your Cunning rank. (up to 3 1’s)

Braavosi Fighter – Fencing weapons get +1 Defensive. Even when attacking with Defensive weapons, you keep a +1 Defensive bonus.

Intrigue Defense-10

Combat Defense-12 (Hard Leather Armor) / 14 (Padded Armor)


Jonas is a leader of the scouts of the House Gasbjorn. He serves the family in more ways than most will ever know. He is known to disappear from the court for weeks at a time, returning to the family just to leave again. Few people beyond the family and the soldiers directly under his command even know who he is. Most know to respect him as they would any other servant to the family.

Jonas isn’t likely even his real name. He was a thief as a child. Often caught, he talked himself out of many situations. Sometimes, he would have his mark convinced that the gold dragon had simply dropped on the ground and Jonas was kind enough to return it. His family has slowly moved from the south. Each generation moving farther north. Perhaps they wanted to escape the heat and went a little too far north.

Jonas Reeve

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