A Song Of Ice And Fire

Arthas Snow journal entry

Day 462,

We’ve finally arrived after many days journey. I’m finally back home. Home. Honestly I can’t really say this is home anymore. I may have grown up here, but I’m not even sure if I should let my presence be known. Duncan doesn’t know this is where my family resides. I haven’t told him. I figured they might leave me behind if they knew. We’re suppose to be finding new recruits. I know there are many in my house that would make great members of the black. But why they would choose to up and leave I would not be able to explain to myself. So I do not expect to get many new blood to bring back with us.

I tried to be mostly incognito, but somehow cousin found me. Well, he didn’t know it was me, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to tell him. But he’s a bastard too, and we stuck well together, so I trusted him with it. He paid me no ill, but only kind words of recognition. It was more than I would have hoped from anyone in House Gasbjorn, considering. His actual reason for seeking me out was not because he knew it was me, mind you. He simply saw my bow and wondered if I might agree to participate in the hunt. I told him I would. Why not.

The hunt went smoothly. The kill going to Sigurd. I left soon after. I tried to leave in haste, but felt I might draw unwanted attention if I left to speedily. After checking in with Duncan, I am now ready to retire for the night. So ends another day with the Night Watch.

First game session . . .

I’d love to have some characters post up journals as such with their views and feelings on what has happened during the game. Keeping up with adventure logs to post for others to read (and to help me follow other aspects of your character) will earn you extra bonuses at the beginning of the next game session.

So get to it !

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