A Song Of Ice And Fire

History's Returning

It started with my cousin’s naming day. Many neighboring delegates arrived to share in our family’s joy (as well the should). The hunt went well, their were many boar brought down to feed the mouthes of those accepting our hospitality. One particular incident, however, should have caused concern. Whilst hunting with my dogs, who had of course run to the thickest part of the woods, I found myself on foot facing an enraged boar. Having caught me by surprise I did not move swiftly as it grazed me with it’s charge. It swung around and again faced me, raising my axe to bring down the beast. It charged at me with malice. Without warning it collapsed in front of me with an arrow, black as the moonless night, sticking out of its chest. As I finished off the beast I noticed one of the black, sitting astride his mount. Obviously this is the one who had intervened. Well, at least he did so quickly.
Later, as I would think about that shot, I thought that this member of the black would make for shot for the tournament that was decided should have our precence felt. Upon offering this to the man I learned that I had been beaten by my comrade, who took him for his cousin, exiled many years for the slaying the Lady of the House. He still denys his involvment to this day. I must now go and ponder these things as we begin our journey to the south. Perhaps Uncle would care to know who is joining us at this time, perhaps not…

Made some new friends....

This evening started off well. Our House held a celebration for their daughters coming of age. Many neighboring houses came to visit. I made many friends from amongst the soldiers of House Glover. We swapped stories of battles and skirmishes and they drank. Lots. A fight broke out at the table for the head of the house. One would think such a thing would happen at the childrens table or from an old grudge amongst soldiers. Instead, it was two knights. Shame the fight was so quick, it wasn’t even long enough to take bets on. Sigurd forced his opponent into submission rather quickly. Shortly after, I was approached by my Lord’s second son. He told us of a tournament which the Lannisters were holding. We were not directly invited, however, we could not allow a tournament to go without seeing the skill of our fine soldiers. Perhaps they will reconsider their lack of invitation when we have taken their gold. Fortunately, I had little to drink, so I was able to head for bed and get ready to take off the next day.

We left the following evening before sunset. I sent some of my best scouts ahead on the road. Our land is full of brigands and thieves trying to make a name for themselves. Even in our own lands we must assume their are enemies nearby. Shortly into the journey, I came across a few of my scouts. Some of my best. Must have been an ambush by some very skilled men. Down the road a carriage seemed to be bustling with activity. I quickly went back to our carriage to alert them that they need to prepare for engagement and I took off. Quickly, riding with me was a man all in black. I had not seen him until now, but I heard he made quite a stir in the hunt for last evenings feast. We approached the scene to find the enemy still in the process of taking prisoners. We immediately started freeing prisoners from a distance. I thought I was an excellent archer. My ally proved to have much more skill than I. One of the thieves ran off with a small child. After clearing most of the enemy, I made a dash for the child. I was able to catch up with him, perhaps too quickly or too late. I guess it would depend on how you interpreted it. As I caught up to the man, I hear him and the child scream. It was followed with a bear deciding to take our thief for a snack. Fortunately, the child was ‘saved’ by being tossed aside. I did my best to take down the bear with a single shot or at least disable him long enough to get the child and run from the bear. Instead, I only angered him. And that cost me a rib. The bear charged into me sending me backwards into the snow floor. With the bear nearly on top of me, I had to act fast. I could see killing the bear on my own would be a feat. I only needed to direct him away from the child and we could come back to save him. I ducked behind a tree, only to be scratched again. As I contemplated my next move, my new archer friend pelted the bear with three arrows bringing him to the ground. We recovered the child and went back to the camp. Perhaps we should go back and get the bear for meat or furs….

So, as I see it, I made three friends in the past couple days. A group of Glover soldiers, an archer from the wall, and a bear. The bear isn’t my friend anymore….

Arthas Snow journal entry

Day 462,

We’ve finally arrived after many days journey. I’m finally back home. Home. Honestly I can’t really say this is home anymore. I may have grown up here, but I’m not even sure if I should let my presence be known. Duncan doesn’t know this is where my family resides. I haven’t told him. I figured they might leave me behind if they knew. We’re suppose to be finding new recruits. I know there are many in my house that would make great members of the black. But why they would choose to up and leave I would not be able to explain to myself. So I do not expect to get many new blood to bring back with us.

I tried to be mostly incognito, but somehow cousin found me. Well, he didn’t know it was me, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to tell him. But he’s a bastard too, and we stuck well together, so I trusted him with it. He paid me no ill, but only kind words of recognition. It was more than I would have hoped from anyone in House Gasbjorn, considering. His actual reason for seeking me out was not because he knew it was me, mind you. He simply saw my bow and wondered if I might agree to participate in the hunt. I told him I would. Why not.

The hunt went smoothly. The kill going to Sigurd. I left soon after. I tried to leave in haste, but felt I might draw unwanted attention if I left to speedily. After checking in with Duncan, I am now ready to retire for the night. So ends another day with the Night Watch.

First game session . . .

I’d love to have some characters post up journals as such with their views and feelings on what has happened during the game. Keeping up with adventure logs to post for others to read (and to help me follow other aspects of your character) will earn you extra bonuses at the beginning of the next game session.

So get to it !

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