Erik Gasbjorn

Lord of House Gasbjorn

Agility: 3 (Quickness +2B) Knowledge: 2
Animal Handling: 2 Marksmanship:2 (-1D)
Athletics: 4 (Strength +4B) Persuasion: 4 (Intimidate +2B)
Awareness: 4 Status:5
Cunning: 3 Stealth: 2
Endurance: 5 (Resilience +5B) Survival: 2
Fighting: 5 (Axes +3B) Thievery: 1
Healing: 2 Warfare: 3
Language 2 Will: 3
Destiny Points : 6 (4 invested)
Benefits Drawbacks
Head of House Flaw (Marksmanship)
Tough Nemesis
Heirloom (Ursus) Honour-Bound
Intrigue Combat
Intrigue Defense: 12 Combat Defense: 9 *(13)
Composure: 9 Health: 20

“Ursus”: 5(+3B) [Damage: 12 (free raise) ; Bulk: 1, Powerful, Two-Handed, Reach, Vicious]
Large Shield: 5 [Damage: 2; Bulk: 1, *Defensive: +4]

Hide Armour [Rating: 5, Armour Penalty: 2]

Laquered hide armour, “Ursus” the heirloom longaxe of House Gasbjorn, Large wooden and steel shield, Heavy cloak, Leather gloves, Heavy leather boots, Sturdy pants, Signet ring, Destrier Horse, Set of northern garb clothing, Waterskin, Wineskin, Castle-Forged knife, Coin pouch full of random coins

Experience: 32

Physical Description


Erik Gasbjorn

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