Hakim Khalil Abd-al-Azhar Ibn-Khalid

Healer and Master of Ravens



Animal Handling 4 – Train 2B, Charm 2B
Awareness 3
Cunning 3 – Memory 2B, Decipher 1B
Fighting 4 – Spears 2B
Healing 5 – Treat Injury 2B
Language 3
Knowledge 4 – Education 2B
Marksmanship 1
Status 2
Warfare 3
Will 3


Destiny Points: 2
Flaw (Athletics)
Maimed (One Eye)
Blood of the Rhoyne
Miracle Worker
Master of Ravens

Game Attributes

Awareness 2 (-1D Notice, One Eye) ● 8 Base
Intrigue Defense 8 ● Composure 9
Movement 4 ● Sprint
Combat Defense 9 ● Armor Rating
Health 6
Attack Quarterstaff 2 [2Damage; Fast, Two-Handed]
Attack Dagger 2 [1Damage; Defense +1, Off-Hand +1]

Personal Gear

Northern Garb, Padded Armor, Spear, Buckler, Dagger with Sheath, Maester’s Kit, Lantern, Oil, Flask,
Writer’s Kit (Inks and illunintaion materials, quill, parchement/vellum sealing wax & seal).


Physical Description

He is of the ‘salty’ Dornishmen with a dark olive complection and long black hair worn under a fur-lined hood to keep of the northern chill. He carries an incomplete Maester’s chain and always has a large satchel with him.

Personal History

His name means Wise Friend, Servant of the Light, Son of the Eternal.
•Age 10-13 – Travel north of Dorn to the Reaches to learn a the Maester’s Citadel. He was sent out alone with a small fortune to accomadate the tutelage and neccessities. He spent a great deal of time learning under the maesters and was even taught by the archmaester of healing.

•Age 14-18 – Had a torrid love affair. A might bow that set him back in his maester training. He was set to take his chains and vows and sit vigil but was set upon nightly by a lustful companion who shared his exotic backgorund for she was a full blooded Rhoynish. His lust led him to run off with the women and kept him from those vows. He eventually regain his sense as she lost interest but has yet to recover from the shame and return to the citadel to finish his training.

•age 19-30 – He Traveled across the Narrow Sea as he wished to lay eyes upon the homelands of the Rhoynish as he shares much of there blood. Reavers attacked when he was returning, they killed all the crew and he lost in eye to the visous assault. he was left for dead and was found and recoverd by a scavenger ship’s crew and taken north.

•age 31-present – His wounds treated, he was held as a ward to a bastard house in the nort. He spent much time there and served the house as their maester in a unnofficial capacity. when the true ruling house claimed victory over the bastard house he pledge service to them in exchange for his life. He has served them for a year now and plans a trip to the citadel to complete his vows and grant them the full benefits of a maester.

{will fill in above with details st some point}

Hakim Khalil Abd-al-Azhar Ibn-Khalid

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